Flavor of the day: Cicada Crunch

I’m a longtime fan of the Dairy Godmother, a frozen yogurt shop in the Del Ray section of Alexandria, Virginia, so I was looking at their “Flavor of the Day” forecast to see if they had something appealing on the calendar for Thursday or Friday to tempt some folks out for an evening walk around the neighborhood. Friday’s flavor is “Cicada Crunch,” described as “Locally sourced, wild caught locust.”

CicadaCrunchSomehow, I doubt that will draw ’em in droves. Ugh, had we known about this, we could have caught our own “sprinkles” while hiking on Bull Run Mountain last Saturday!

I’m sure it’s nutritious and there are those who will swear it’s the coming thing. But maybe they should have labels for the other flavors made there, kind of like the ones for peanut products. You know, like “processed in a facility that also processes cicadas” or “processed on equipment that also processes cicadas”.  

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