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Hawksbill & Stony Man

The Autumn leaves are changing colors in Virginia, so on Saturday we went out to the Shenandoah Mountains National Park to get a look.  What better vantage point than the two highest peaks in the park, Hawksbill and Stony Man? … Continue reading

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Yesterday I visited Leesylvania State Park to check it out for a group hike this weekend. The 508-acre park was once the plantation home of Henry Lee II, father of “Light Horse” Harry Lee and grandfather of Robert E. Lee, and is located along the Potomac River in Prince William County, Virginia. The … Continue reading

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Toasted cloves

The other day I was browsing through lots in a coin auction and spotted a very interesting silver restrike 1780 Maria Theresa Taler with clove countermarks from Pemba Island, off the coast of modern-day Tanzania. The coin Maria Theresa talers (or thalers) feature … Continue reading

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The fix is in

Here’s something cool. In my October 7 post about a walk along Holmes Run and Winkler Botanical Preserve, I mentioned finding that the North Chambliss Street Bridge project is complete, and that I had reported the change to Google (on October 5). This … Continue reading

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Holmes Run and Winkler Botanical Preserve

Had a nice walk with friends this past Saturday along Holmes Run Trail, with a side visit to Winkler Botanical Preserve, both in Alexandria, Virginia. We visited the same stretch of Holmes Run Trail earlier this year, but this time we started … Continue reading

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