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The Young Victoria Collection is complete!

I finally acquired the key date of the series, 1841, and the Young Victoria Collection is now complete!   1841 (S.3852), ‘GRɅTIɅ’, extremely rare (R3), XF Details, the key date of the series This collection of British shield sovereigns from the early years … Continue reading

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Rough Riders’ flag a symbol of postbellum reunification?

 “They were about to leave without an American flag. Personally, it’s the  first thing I would have packed,” Matthew Krahn, historian at the Arizona  Capitol Museum Guild, told an audience of about two dozen people Wednesday  afternoon. Krahn’s history lesson … Continue reading

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Critics question spending by Humane Society of the United States

What did I do wrong?” “Why did they hurt me?” “Why did  they abandon me?” These are the questions that flash on your television screen  over pictures of injured and abandoned cats and dogs. Anybody with an ounce of compassion … Continue reading

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Ansel Adams at The Wilderness Society

“The dawn wind in the High Sierra is not just a passage of cool air through forest conifers, but within the labyrinth of human consciousness becomes a stirring of some world-magic of most delicate persuasion. The grand lift of the … Continue reading

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