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2014 Summertime Challenge – Met!

August 15 was the last day of the Cat’s Cradle’s 2014 Summertime Challenge. During the Summertime Challenge, all donations were matched 100%. On August 18th Cat’s Cradle announced that they made their goal and will receive the $100,000!!  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Given the muggy weather we’ve been having lately, with high humidity and a 40-50% chance of showers always in the forecast, it’s time to start visiting some of the shady trails that follow the many stream beds in Fairfax County. … Continue reading

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Mixed bag

I haven’t posted in a while because the last four hikes have been a really mixed bag of tricks: 1.  A June 7th hike along the Mount Vernon Trail from Fort Hunt Park to River Farm and back was waylaid … Continue reading

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In the last post I commented about how Meetup, the online resource for finding and meeting others to do fun things together, had been under a denial of service attack since last Thursday. I’m not sure what motivated the clowns* who … Continue reading

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Critics question spending by Humane Society of the United States

What did I do wrong?” “Why did they hurt me?” “Why did  they abandon me?” These are the questions that flash on your television screen  over pictures of injured and abandoned cats and dogs. Anybody with an ounce of compassion … Continue reading

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