MeetupIn the last post I commented about how Meetup, the online resource for finding and meeting others to do fun things together, had been under a denial of service attack since last Thursday. I’m not sure what motivated the clowns* who perpetrated the attack,  but Meetup’s technicians eventually were able to beat the attacks into submission and all seems well again. There were a lot of delayed emails announcements and probably some folks uncertain about whether scheduled posted events were still taking place, but all in all, I think our hiking group has had more inconveniences due to bad weather and facilities closures than any outages in Meetup’s support for our activities. For example:

“Sorry, the public restrooms are locked and the water is turned off to the drinking fountains during the winter. They won’t be open until April.”
What, no one pees or needs a drink of water for 6 months during the winter? Do we get to stop paying county taxes during the winter, too?

The good news is, not only is Meetup back to full functionality, but Scott Heiferman, the cofounder and CEO of Meetup, sent out an email today announcing a 7 day credit to all Meetup Organizers, to reimburse them for a week’s worth of dues while the site was under attack. To me, that is going above and beyond the call — I don’t remember ever hearing about power companies offering refunds when your power goes out, or cable companies reimbursing you for periods when your cable is out! Guess I should keep an eye on Meetup in case they ever announce an IPO!

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