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Hiking the holidays

Actually, this post is about hiking over the entire month of December, to date! But given that merchants, the media, and accompanying decor shift into Christmas holiday mode the very second after the Thanksgiving feast is served, I figure I’m … Continue reading

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Meetup Becomes A Messaging App

There are so many non sequiturs it’s hard to know where to begin. “After first joining a Meetup group, you may not immediately feel comfortable exchanging your contact information with fellow members.” Maybe so, but you didn’t have to. Meetup … Continue reading

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In the last post I commented about how Meetup, the online resource for finding and meeting others to do fun things together, had been under a denial of service attack since last Thursday. I’m not sure what motivated the clowns* who … Continue reading

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As the weeks go by, the “wonder” part of “winter wonderland” seems to be wondering just how much longer before winter eases its grip on us. Not just yet, anyway. Last weekend we went on a 6-mile hike along the Billy Goat … Continue reading

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Back on the Trail

With spring arriving, it’s time to get back on the walking trail! I have been a member of a local walking and hiking group for several years, always just tagging along enjoying the scenery and taking photos. But in January I … Continue reading

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