Getting started…

On November 1 I received this tidy item from Cox Communications, my current ISP:

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective December 6, 2011, Cox will no longer offer Personal WebSpace service. We are taking this step because there has been minimal use of the service. We’d like to make sure we help you transition your Personal WebSpace files and content as smoothly as possible.

Pretty nice, eh? Effectively one month’s notice to every customer that Cox was pulling the rug out from under them. The only “help” provided was a link to a web hosting service, something anyone could have gotten from a web search, except Cox may have gotten a kickback for providing that particular one.

In compensation, Cox now offers 50GB online backup which, to the average user with a 1TB+ hard drive, is like offering a teaspoon to bail out an ocean liner.

So over the next month or so I’ll be transitioning my website content here, learning the WordPress idiocyncracies along the way. To make lemonade from this lemon, I figure I’ll be able to offer more dynamic content and be better positioned for the next lemon to arrive…

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