W&OD Railroad Regional Park

Quite a few folks turned out this morning for a sunny 6.5 mile walk along the W&OD Trail in Vienna, Virginia. The freezing temperature, 30 mph wind gusts and occasional snow flurry made the outbound half a little daunting, but also made the walk back just that much faster! The route took us from the center of old Vienna, past the old train station and a retired W&OD caboose, and past a series of parks: Northside, Eudora, the W&OD Railroad Regional Park itself, Clark’s Crossing and finally Difficult Run Park, before we reached the turnaround point near Hunter Mill Road for the walk back.

As so often happens when out walking around Northern Virginia, passing Difficult Run Park yielded a tantalizing suggestion for a future outing — Difficult Run Trail connects to the W&OD Trail here, and follows the Difficult Run River downstream through a series of parks on its way to empty into the Potomac River near Great Falls. Sounds like something to pencil in for later this year!

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