3 x 3 + 1

Seems like I’m always falling behind — too busy hiking to plan the next hike or too busy planning the next hike to blog about the last hike. During group hikes, I’m usually too busy navigating (avoiding getting lost) to take photos. So often, the best photos come from just snooping around. Here’s three photos each from three outings, two of which were informal snoops. For good measure, one of those unexpected treats you run across sometimes…

Smithsonian Gardens Butterfly Habitat

The Saturday before last I was up in Washington DC with a friend, checking out the routes and points of interest for a future urban hike around Chinatown. It should be a good area for the colder months, because there are several museums in the area (e.g., Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, National Building Museum) that have no entry fees and make ideal break spots along the way for an opportunity to both warm up and exercise your brains as well as your legs. But the best part of the outing was unexpected, while passing through the Smithsonian Gardens Butterfly Habitat on the way back.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Yeah, the zoo. We’ve already visited twice this year, but someone suggested another group visit and I don’t take a lot of convincing.  I drove up, to make sure I wasn’t late, and saw something I hadn’t seen before! I’m not sure how long Marilyn Monroe has been overlooking the corner of Calvert and Connecticut Streets, but she’s hard to miss…

Merchant Marine Memorial

Yesterday evening I was out reconnoitering an urban hike from Crystal City to the Merchant Marine Memorial and back, and had the good fortune to arrive at the memorial during “golden hour.” The sculpture is “Waves and Gulls,” by Ernesto Begni del Piatta.

Finally, I was driving home the other evening, got out of the car, looked up and found the  unexpected treat I mentioned. Sometimes what you’re out looking for is already at home.


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4 Responses to 3 x 3 + 1

  1. flynthings says:

    Beautiful photographs!

  2. seeker says:

    For a snooper, these are great photos. And of course, the sky is worth stopping for. Did you join NatGeo yet? Couple of organizers I meet are from DC.

  3. John M says:

    Thanks! Had I only known what was overhead, I might have stopped somewhere with a nice overlook to enjoy the sunset. But I suppose it’s best to pay attention to the traffic while you’re behind the wheel. I don’t like NatGeo’s editorial policy, so I’m not a member.

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