A wonderful 6-mile hike on an unexpectedly warm, sunny Saturday on the Billy Goat Trail, sections B and C, starting from Carderock Recreation Area along the C&O Canal. (Google map here.) Section A is the most popular (and strenuous) part of the Billy Goat Trail, but Carderock and sections B and C have a lot to offer, with beautiful views of the Potomac, just enough rock scrambling here and there to keep it interesting, and a walk back to your start point along the canal towpath between sections to mix up the trail surface for variety. Unlike Section A, parking is free at Carderock, and your furry friend is welcome along sections B and C if you want to bring him or her along on the hike.

An interesting sight along the canal towpath was a solitary blue heron, which was fishing during an earlier visit. On Saturday it was up on a tree limb grooming, ruffling up, smoothing out and putting all those feathers into place.

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  1. J. G. Burdette says:

    Sounds like fun and the surroundings are beautiful.

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