Looking back on 2018

Good grief, another year gone by?! Our hiking group has grown to over 11,000 members this year, and it’s hard to keep track!

Our group went on 103 hikes in 2018 for a total of 439 miles; about 4.25 miles per hike.

We visited lots of new places, including Compton Peak, South Mountain, and Historic Frederick.

Looks like another great year ahead!

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11 Responses to Looking back on 2018

  1. Jim Bovard says:

    Great photos, great map – and thanks for leading lots of great hikes!

  2. John M says:

    Thanks Jim, you led quite a few of them, and we wouldn’t be the same group without you!

  3. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful! Happy New Year.

  4. Looking at your map….I didn’t know there was so many places to hike near Washington D.C.!

  5. Jim Bovard says:

    Thanks, John. Lots of good folks in this group and I enjoy the chance to lead some lowland hikes. And, as one of our regular attendees said once, “I know if Jim is leading the hike that it won’t be too strenuous.” 🙂

  6. GP Cox says:

    Welcome back, John! And congratulations on your successes!!

  7. John M says:

    Thanks, and Happy New Year to you!

  8. John M says:

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to another fun year ahead! Happy New Year!

  9. GP Cox says:

    Likewise, my friend.

  10. Tessy says:

    One of my favorite Meetup groups! Thanks for all of the wonderful walks and hikes that took place in 2018. Looking forward to another great year! Cheers, Tessy

  11. John M says:

    Thanks, Tessy! It’s all the wonderful members that make this group so much fun. Happy New Year, and I’ll see you on the trail again soon!

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