Almost there

Three weeks ago we had a snowstorm just after the first day of Spring. The dip in temperatures delayed the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin by a few weeks, and it’s just now coming to an end. (Not so the Kansai trees in Kenwood, MD — we’re visiting them this weekend.)

Nevertheless, I visited Lake Accotink that weekend to see if any Virginia bluebells were making their appearance. There aren’t a lot of bluebells at Lake Accotink, but it’s a short drive, so I use it as an indicator to decide when it’s time to go further afield to the larger patches. Of course, there was no joy to be had — the cold snap slowed down the bluebells, too.

Yesterday I visited Lake Accotink again to see how things are coming along. There a few here and there, but it’s clear they’re not quite there yet.

I’ll visit one last time this weekend, but it looks like they’ll be ready around 21-22 April; about 1-2 weeks later in the season than last year.

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